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Sparkling Along Life's Shore
Sailing through the Oceans wide,
arms outstretched
colorful and bright,
another shimmering voice abides…

“Two- Spirited,
I come to you
Singing of Growth…
Instinct …
and Sensuality.

Reserve your energy.
Remember your true self.
For a single piece
may become whole again,
a renewed self,
in time.

Feast upon the bounty
that surrounds you!
Dare to swim against the tide!
Life is the reward,
just take it all in stride.

Five extensions of self
reaching out from my center
to embrace miraculous Life.
Five eyes observing
creation and destruction,
confident within my spiny skin.
Nature defies your greedy knife!

Stellar wisdom
shining in hidden pools,
Overwhelmed by restless tides.
Be true to the best within you,
and trust that you are
your brightest guide."

For those new to the game, each poem is inspired by a Teacher found in Nature; a star, stone, animal, plant etc that holds lessons of Wisdom for us. Congrats to Desert Dreamer, Jan Neavill Hersh, and Jaguarwombyn for naming this Teacher! If interested in reading more, the following link will provide a closer look at this fascinating Creature Teacher.…
An Bradan Feasa
We come
Slicing joyously through
each battling wave
Flashing and Bright
scaly knaves
like Knights of Olde
Braving hungry teeth and
wicked claws.
Press on!
Be Bold!
We are so many stories
waiting to be told

When we’ve returned at last
to our humble homes
Quests fulfilled
Treasures buried along the Shore
bright promises for tomorrow
Toasty at the hearthside,
We are content
to feed the new generations
with epic tales.
No more to roam
the wandering waters and
restless Seas of Life!

Some have waited a lifetime
beside their fires
for a single taste
of the Wisdom I bring.

Who has heard me sing?”

For those new to the game, each poem is inspired by a Teacher found in Nature; a star, stone, animal, plant etc that holds lessons of Wisdom for us. The illustration for this piece was done with acrylics on canvas paper. If interested, the link will provide a closer look at this Nature Teacher.…
Antediluvian Choir
Voices join
in amazing grace
more sonorous.

Their song
is heard clearly
even over great distance
Vibrant Wisdom
even in our Dreaming.

Closer they come,
until we can feel
their song
in our bones!

“We will teach you
to cross the waters wide,
to sing through your Heart,

Dream deep,
Dream true,
and through
the Ancient memories
of the Cosmos glide!

is ever forgotten

for each memory
is like a book,

only waiting for the cover
to be opened and read,

waiting for a willingness
to take the time
to listen,

Strength and Gentleness
in equal measures…

Our home the wild
Heart waters of the World,
We will teach you
to be Masters of the flood,
not carried away by it.

Bringing lessons
of artistic creativity
is our sweetest pleasure.

Sing, little siblings!
Sing your Truths
Sing your sorrows and joys
shadows balanced with light
for all the World hears!

Song and sound can heal
like no other gift!
If All Our Relations
sang together,
We might cure the World
of all its noisome fears!

Our smiling faces
may fill your sight,
dancing through
your Dreams
some quiet night
but do not dread
our strength
our size!

See instead
the Wisdom of Ancients
the emotional depths
the stellar spinning
Cosmic Consciousness
within our eye

We most of us feed
upon the smallest grains
within the Sea
or a mouthful of fish

We sing of Family,
Deeper Awareness

Living in Harmony with
the Heart Song of the World
is all we need
to successfully sustain us.

Listen to the music of Creation
We will teach you our Songs
if you will Listen
if you will learn
to sing with your heart

Ambergris and Ocean
are the scents of our destiny.
We sing
We swim
We Dream together
and Cow."

Who Sings Now?

For those new to the game, each poem is inspired by a Teacher found in Nature; a star, stone, animal, plant etc that holds lessons of Wisdom for us. Can you guess who is singing today? Congrats to Poppy (O.R.M.E.), Sharonlee, Jan Neavill Hersh and Windi (Jaguarwombyn) for naming this Teacher! The following link will reveal the answer...…

Raven Steals the Sun
Once, the world was covered in darkness. Raven quickly tired of stumbling around, unable to learn or get into anything in the heavy shadows. He found where the light of the universe was being jealously hoarded, cleverly stole the sun and set it into the sky so all could see, much like Prometheus. Raven was burned black (or stained black by soot) by the heat of the sun. Raven carries the many colors of the Rainbow hidden within the shine of his feathers though, a magical sign of his ordeal.

This story has always ignited my imagination. It reminds me always of the interconnectedness of all life, especially when I am feeling particularly displeased with my own species. Raven reminds me that we are all family, even if I don’t like, understand or agree with another. Certainly not the only lesson I have learned from this audacious Teacher, but perhaps the most important.

Songs Heard Within My Shadow

Celestial Fire adds a hissing cymbal fill in the distance.
Steam rises with a hot suggestion of sound.
Upwards it rises now…
Beyond wind or noise…
Beyond Skywoman and Her Children…
Beyond Dreams…
We spin into the Void.
The Sun calls forth a rainbow
‘gainst an ebon shadow
as the Sun is set
…like a burning bit of amber
into an azure coronet.
“Stormbringer, Bonepicker, Trickster some call me.”
A laugh both harsh and rhythmic
Childlike, they fill my shadow with their fears.
“This way, Child!
Here is the path you left behind!
Mind your ways!
Don’t just speak the truth, Fool!
Live it!”
I chuckle,
“Leave denial in the dust…
Leave pain…
Leave past…
Leave rage…
Leave lust.
Empty as the waiting vessel be!
Fill your life with Light and
Deep within your essence see
all that Creator would ask of thee.”
I sing in Dreams.
I sing of Prophecies…
of paths lost and found…
Sacred trails begun in the heart
but by Wisdom and Choice unbound.
Change and Magic…
…Shadow and Light…
Secrets and Soulful trial.
These fuel my flight!
“You are not alone in the long run.” I mutter
“Your heart knows we are already One!”
As you Dance your earthly fill,
I Soar…
and to the Winds I recklessly shrill,
Time, all unheeding flow…
Forever before and
Forever behind.
Eternally awaiting Your perception…”
for I am Warden at this Door,
and many other thresholds,
between Truth and Deception.
“I hear and remember your unspoken Vow.”
Who sings now?

The painting is acrylics on 8.5 by 11 canvas. 

A closer look at Raven/Crow as a Nature Teacher can be found here... 
Big Bang 2
I was moved by the friendship between Vincent Van Gogh and the Doctor. His painting of the Tardis exploding was terrible in its beauty. Inspired, I  painted this with acrylics on canvas board. We are all just stories in the end. Let's make it a good one!


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